Once you are enrolled in the affiliate program (see "Become an Affiliate") you will be able to login to your custom dashboard. The dashboard provides information on your commission schedule, the link you will use to promote Radius, payment information and details on your progress. 

How to use the link
To promote Radius, simply copy the referral link located in the middle of your dashboard and embed it across all of your marketing. The link can go in emails, social channels, videos, websites and applications!

To help you promote Radius we will provide basic marketing materials like graphics and videos which can be located in the "Assets" page at the top of your dashboard.

How the tracking works
When a referral clicks on your custom link and signs up for Radius we know it came from you! Any credit purchases over the next 60 days that the referral makes will count toward your commission schedule. To continue earning commissions on this specific referral, stay in front of them! If you continue to direct users to our site by embedding them in things like your newsletter you will continue to earn commissions!

For more details on how we track your referrals please visit the First Promoter website and refer to our terms of service.

Payments to our affiliates
We will make payments on a quarterly basis for commissions over $200. If your commission is less than $200 you can continue to accrue commissions and will receive a payout in the quarter in which you are above $200. Please setup a Paypal account for seamless payouts. 

For more answers to your questions, checkout the FAQ in your affiliate dashboard!

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