Select the Trade Area button at the top left of the screen to begin your analysis, you will find an overview of your trade area on the right side of the dashboard. 

After selecting an address, the trade area will default to a standard 3-mile radius, to create a custom or drive-time trade area, see “Selecting Your Trade Area”. 

The Trade Area details on the right-hand side of the screen include; number of facilities, net square footage, square footage per capita, facilities in lease up and development projects. Further down the panel you will find detailed demographics which apply specifically to the trade area. For more advanced demographic analytics or to upgrade to ESRI demographics with 5 year projections refer to our help video titled “Diving into Demographics”. 

On the map itself, you will see development projects labeled as blue dots, while the rest of the colors are current supply. To help you analyze facilities that are potentially still in lease-up, we have color coded every facility that has opened since January 2017. 

  • 2017 openings are in yellow
  • 2018 openings are in orange
  • 2019 openings are in green

You can add or remove any of these facilities from view by selecting the checkbox next to the name. To remove facilities from analysis see "Location Management".

Additionally, we post the average rental rate of the given facility below the marker. To change the settings on the rental rate, navigate to the settings page and select your desired unit size and time frame. 

Analyzing the trade area is just the beginning, explore more of our advanced analytics by navigating to the pricing page, selecting a facility or using the demographic layer.

See: “Analyzing Pricing Trends”

See: “Finding Facility Information”

See: “Diving into Demographics”


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