While the platform defaults to a 3-mile radius trade area, we provide you with three ways of defining your trade area:

Create a Trade Area with a Radius: This is the default method when navigating to a new location. You can choose one of our presets in the upper right-hand corner (3-mile, 5-mile, and 10-mile), or you can drag your radius in and out by the white tabs on the sides of the circle. The distance of the selected radius will be displayed in the top right in both meters and miles. Note that you can always drop the Radius in a new location by holding down “shift” and then “left click”.

Create a Custom Trade Area: You can use the drawing tool located in the top right of the map. Once you have drawn your desired polygon, click outside of the polygon to set the trade area and populate your statistics. To delete the polygon, turn it orange by clicking on it and then select the trash bin icon on the top right.

Create a Trade Area based on Drive Time: To turn on this layer, navigate to the settings page and select drive time or use the quick key “d”. Once the drive time maps have populated you can click on the desired time to populate your desired statistics

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