To view detailed analysis of pricing trends in your trade area select the pricing page located on the left side of your dashboard. The table will load every facility within your trade area.

How We Gather Our Pricing Data:

To ensure that you have the most accurate and up to date information we visit over 16,000 websites on a daily basis. 

How We Categorize Our Pricing Data:

We categorize our pricing data across 40+ feature categories to give you the most detailed view of the data. As long as the detail is on the website, we categorize it.

As you can see we have 7 dimensions loaded and a handful of different feature sets to choose from. To select different combinations of unit size and feature simply click on the metrics to the left. 

For each facility we provide 4 different prices:

First row:  average price

Second row: highest price

Third row: low price

Fourth row: last or current price

All of these prices can be viewed on a trailing 12 month or last month basis. Simply toggle the time period to update the table.

To analyze seasonal or year over year trends scroll to the bottom of the page. The table displays the monthly rate averages for the trade area; however, you can look at a specific facilities trends by clicking on their name, which updates the monthly data at the bottom of the page. We recommend analyzing year over year rental rate trends to determine supply / demand balance in the trade area. 

Enterprise accounts can download the formatted data to excel by clicking “Export to CSV".


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