To create an a Portfolio of Radius Facilities, click on the + icon on the top right corner of location management. A window will pop up, select "Portfolio of Radius Facilities" from the drop down type and give it a name. Then press create.

There are two ways you can add facilities to your portfolio:

  1. Hold down Alt and click on the facilities you want to add

  2. Use the polygon tool to draw around the facilities you want to add and then click outside the orange polygon (this should turn the polygon blue), then click "Add Facilities" on the right hand side (this will add all the facilities within the polygon) 

Clicking on the portfolio will highlight the facilities you have added. This will show as pink dots on your map. 

To view only your group on the map, select "filter" next to your desired portfolio. To bring back all the facilities select the button again.


  • You can remove a portfolio by simply clicking the - icon (red icon) next to your folder.

Notes: Portfolio alerts are available for Enterprise users. To learn more about this feature, reach out to a Radius team member.

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