With "sets" you can now create a set of facilities that are removed from any analysis you do in the Radius application. You are able to create multiple sets, save them and toggle them on/off as you wish. This is ideal if there are facilities in your trade area that really don't compete with you. A good example is when you have a brand new class A 100,000 square foot facility right down the street from a 5,000 square foot that was built in 1985.

To create an exclusion set, navigate to the left hand panel and select "Sets". Create a new one by clicking the blue plus sign in the top right. You will need to give your set a name as you are able to create and save multiple sets. To add facilities to the set, simply click on your desired set, hold down alt and select the facilities on the map. Facilities that have been added to the set will turn black on the map like the example below.

To clear the set and add the facilities back in the analysis, select the set and click "clear active set". You also have options for deleting sets or facilities from a set by clicking the red icon. 

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