Getting Started with Radius

These articles will help you get up to speed on the basic functionality.

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Trade Area

Set your trade area and see current supply with demographic information.

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Analyze your trade area with our comprehensive pricing data with visual charts. View existing loans and sales comp.

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Occupancy Network

Select your property management software from the list below for a quick guide join the network!

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Radius v5.0

Learn how to navigate through all the changes!

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Using Radius Layers

We have a number of layers you can add to the map including, zoning, opportunity zones, demographics and more.

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Learn how to create all the different types of alerts and how to manage them!

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Radius Reports

Checkout samples, cost and details on how to run reports.

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Managing Your Account

Help with profile settings, resetting password and managing billing.

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Radius Listings

List your self storage facilities with Radius to get maximum exposure.

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Radius Insider

Rate data at your fingertips.

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Slack Workspace

Get notifications on new development projects and stay up to date with the latest self storage news.

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Data Definitions

Help for all Radius users

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Programatic Data Transfer

Setting up Secure FTP

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Keystrokes and trouble shooting

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