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Finding Facility Information
Finding Facility Information

Facility profile pages provide additional detail including year built, construction documents, satellite images and more.

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To get more details on a specific facility simply click on any colored dot. You will see a pop up in the bottom left which displays the address, square footage and approximate climate mix. The pop up also shows the facility’s rental rates compared to the average price for the trade area.

To see more information about the facility, click the blue facility icon in the bottom left of the pop up.

Facility Profile

  • Address

  • Developer

  • Management Company

  • Gross Square Footage

  • Net Square Footage

  • Units 

  •  Acreage

  • Year Opened  

  • APN (unique parcel number)

  • Zoning Status 

  • Class 

  •  Ownership Information (Name and Address)

Loan Information

We are tracking all current and historical loans on the property. Details include the following.

  • Loan Amount

  • Origination Date

  • Maturity Date

  • Term

  • Interest Rate

  • Lien Position

Sales Transaction History 

We are tracking all the transaction history on the parcel which includes the raw land, property and deed transfers. Unusual amounts like $0 and $100 for sales price typically indicate a deed transfer. Details include the following.

  • Sales Amount

  • Sales Date

  • Price Per Square Foot

Tax Information

Property taxes differ significantly from municipality to municipality. We provide the last two years of tax information on each property so that you can analyze the nominal tax rate as well as the trajectory of growth in the micro market. Details include the following.

  • Year Assessed

  • Assessed Amount

  • Tax Amount


Data transparency is very important and that is why we link documents directly to the property so that you can determine source of information. Typical documents include the following.

  • Construction Plans

  • Municipal Zoning and Building Permits

  • Site Layout

  • Pertinent News Articles


  • Street View

  • Overhead view

  • Notes

Notes: All information is filled out to the best of our knowledge. Please feel free to contribute to our data as all fields can be edited by users. 

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