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Navigate to the CBSA summary page for an overview of the macro market.

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Understanding the macro market can provide helpful context when comparing to your trade area. For CBSA level statistics navigate to the left of the screen and select the "CBSA Summary" page.

To change the location of the CBSA summary, click the text box above the CBSA map, type in the location and select the corresponding suggestion from the drop-down menu. 

Please find below information on each section of the page. 

  • Current Supply: In this section you'll be able to see the number of facilities within the selected CBSA region, as well as the total square footage, the average square footage per facility, and the sq. ft. per capita.

  • Development Pipeline: In this section you'll be able to access the number of facilities in the development pipeline for the selected CBSA, as well as the net square footage, supply growth, and sq. ft. per captia.

  • Demographics: This section gives you the entire overview on demographics for the selected region.

  • Employment Chart: This chart shows the employment growth year over year for your selected CBSA.

  • Pricing Chart: This chart shows the average price per sq. ft. in your selected CBSA.

  • Occupancy Chart: This chart shows the occupancy rate of the Public REITS (Real Estate Investment Trust such as Public Storage, Extra Space, etc.).

  • Promotions Chart: This chart shows the percentage of public REIT units with promotions. Exp.: First month is free.

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