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SiteLink - Corporate Control Center

SiteLink Corporate Control Center users can use this tutorial to join the occupancy network.

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To schedule the monthly reports, start by logging into the Corporate Control Center. 

  • You will then want to navigate and launch the Report Scheduler.

  • In the top right select Add to create a scheduled report.

A job scheduling window should pop up. 

  • Name should read "Radius - Your Company Name".

  • Description should read "Occupancy Network"

  • Time should read "9:00 AM"

  • The frequency should be "Month" and select "1"

  • Navigate to the right click Select Sites

  • In the top right you will click selection All and then click Next

  • In the middle of the window under scheduled reports click on Select

A window with a list of all the reports should pop up

  • Select the box next to Occupancy History

  • Before selecting OK, navigate to the top right and ensure period is monthly and file type is .xlsx - Raw dataset

  • Click OK

Next you want to navigate to the bottom left of the window to add emails

  • Select the green + icon in the bottom left of the window

  • Group name should read "Radius - Your Company Name""

  • E-Mail Addresses should read ""

  • Select OK

Make sure to save your entry before closing out of the report scheduler.

Note: We suggest that you send us a test file by selecting reports under Corporate Management. 

  • Select Occupied Monthly

  • Combine files into one

  • .xslx - Raw Data

  • Then click export and save the file to desktop to send to us. 

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