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Promoted Listing E-mails

Reach the most active audience in self storage acquisition with promoted listing e-mails!

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Getting Started

Radius offers an auction style format to promote your listing for as little as $10. To participate in the weekly auction head over to to get started. 

Before promoting your listings please ensure that you have completed your broker profile, added a listing to our platform and have added a credit card

Bidding on promoted e-mail

From the promoted listing site you can choose one of 9 regional emails or the national listing to bid on. Simply select your listing in the drop down and place a bid increments of $1.00. Please note the minimum bid is $10.

You can set a maximum bid which will automatically out bid the highest competitive bid by $1.00 up until it reaches your maximum. 

You can also change the listing at any time before the auction ends. 


Radius will send you an e-mail, to alert you if you get out bid while you are not on the platform.

You can view a sample of our gorgeous promoted e-mail by visiting this link.

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