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Rental Rate Feature Categorization
Rental Rate Feature Categorization

Details on how we track rates, how our data is categorized and logic for our feature selections.

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In this article, you will find the logic behind our feature categorization. Please see below for a detailed outline of our data definitions. 

Prices and Promotions

  • In-Store Pricing Average - In-store rate as advertised on the web, otherwise known as the cross out rate. We take the average of that cross out rate for units with the same size and features.

  • Web Pricing Average - The price advertised on the web. We take the average of the web rates for same unit size and features.

  • Promotion - Promotion text for the given unit on the given day.

  • First Month 50% Off - Units that have first month half off.

  • First Month Free - Units that have first month free.

Unit Access

  • Interior - Units that are accessed from inside the building.

  • Exterior - Units that are accessed from outside the building.

  • Elevator - Units that require elevator usage to access. Could be marked elevator or multi level access for example.

  • Stairs - Units that require stairs to access (example: mezzanine or to get to basement).

  • Ladder - Units that require a ladder to access (example: mezzanine).

Unit Location

  • First Floor - Ground level or first floor units.

  • Upper - Units on 2nd floor or higher (if floor is specified, we will mark it with the specified floor number).

  • Mezzanine/Upper Level - Storage units that has mezzanine access, upper level is another way of describing the unit.

  • Basement - A unit located in the basement.

  • Downstairs - This is marked literally. Most websites define this as first floor and others like (Public Storage) take it to mean basement. If you want to distinguish, use a multi variable function. For example: if elevator access AND downstairs then basement, otherwise downstairs means first floor.

  • Drive Up - Units with drive up access.

Unit Features

  • Climate Controlled - Units marked with CC, air-cooled, heated, climate control. Humidity is a different classification. 

  • Non-Climate Controlled - Units marked with NCC, non climate, no heat.

  • Humidity - Units marked humidity control on websites.

  • Electric - Units that have electricity inside.

  • Alarm - Unit has an alarm.

  • Lights - Lights within the storage units.

Specialty Units

  • Wine - Wine storage units that are specifically marketed for wine.

  • Office - Office space units that are specifically marketed for office.

  • Boat - Parking/storage units that are specifically marketed for boats.

  • RV - Parking/storage units that are specifically marketed for RV.

  • Auto - Storage unit marketed specifically for auto.

  • Container - A container storage unit.

  • Locker - Locker storage (In some cases we use door height to mark them as such, specifically CUBE website says 4’ door height is marked as locker)

Door Type

  • Roll Up Door - Overhead doors, garage doors and roll up doors are marked as roll up doors.

  • Swing Door - Units with swing doors.

  • Chain Link Door - Doors that are chain linked.

  • Wide Door - Units that are marked as wide doors, most of the time we distinguish this with exact measurements of the door if it is available.

  • Small Door - Units described as having a small door are typically smaller than a regular roll up door. In some cased odd units or locker types.

  • Multi Door - Units with more than 1 door, can be door on each end.

Parking Designations

  • Parking - Parking spaces can be covered, uncovered or enclosed.

  • Uncovered - Open air (typically used for parking) spots with no canopy.

  • Covered - Spots with canopy (typically parking or RV not enclosed but covered).

  • Enclosed - Enclosed units are parking spots with in a structure that is enclosed entirely by walls and roof.

If the unit has one of the following features you can assume it is a parking space

Facility Features

  • 24 Hour - 24 access to the units.

  • Fenced - The storage facility is protected by a fence.

  • Electronic Gate - Access to facility is an electronic gate.

  • Video Monitoring - Security camera on the facility.

  1. Garage - Garage units.

To learn more about our feature categorization or if you are interested in receiving this data, please reach out to a Radius+ team member. 

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