Zoning Layer

Quickly identify zones that are use by right for self-storage

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Turn on Zoning Layer (2-Ways)

  1. Click settings on the left side bar and select "Trade Area Zoning" to toggle on zoning (Select "None" to toggle off zoning)

  2. Press the "z" key to toggle on zoning and press the "n" key to toggle off

Zoning Layer Color (3-Colors)

  1. Purple = Self Storage permitted "use by right" zone (May require a special or conditional permit)

  2. Orange = Self Storage not a permitted "use by right" zone (Would require a rezoning application)

  3. Light Blue = Self Storage "use by right" not yet distinguished 

To analyze the specific zone codes simply click on the layer and scroll over each zone. The zone code will appear in the top left legend along with a link to the ordinance if available.

You can also view our list of coverage and links to ordinances through this website.

Notes: We are always adding municipalities; however, if you are in need of a specific map don’t hesitate to reach out. 

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