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Demographic Block Group Layer
Demographic Block Group Layer

Turn your trade area into a heat map to quickly isolate the best demographic areas

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Turn on Demographics (2-Ways)

  1. Click settings on the left side bar and select "Blockgroups" to toggle on zoning (Select "None" to toggle off zoning)

  2. Press the "b" key to toggle on block groups and press the "n" key to toggle off

Click on the blue polygon to engage the heat map.

Analyzing Each Block Group

  1. You can analyze each block group by clicking "Trade Area" on the left side bar and hovering your mouse over the block groups to analyze demographic data

  2. This data will pop up on the right hand side after you click "Trade Area". Simply scroll down to demographics and look at "Selected Blockgroup"

The heat map functionality allows you to select a specific metric in the top left to understand the distribution of demographics within your trade area. For example, select population growth to see which area is growing the fastest.

Notes: Our demographic data comes from the American Community Survey. The current dataset is for the year 2017, we will be updating to the 2018 dataset in November.

To upgrade to ESRI current year demographics with 5 year projections reach out to a Radius team member by using the chat in the bottom right.

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