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Track locations for in-depth analysis.

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To create a Custom Portfolio, click on the + icon under location management. A window will pop up, select "Custom Portfolio" from the drop down type and give it a name. Then press create. 

Once the portfolio is created, you can do any of the following:

  1. Hold down Alt and click anywhere on the map

  2. Go to import and search by address

  3. Go to import and enter in lat/long (up to 100, each pair on a row, comma separated)

Clicking on the portfolio will highlight the locations you have added. This will show as pink dots on your map. 

To view only your group on the map, select "filter" next to your desired portfolio. To bring back all the facilities select the button again.


  • You can remove a portfolio by simply clicking the - icon (red icon) next to your folder.

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