How to Run Reports

Run and print analytical reports. Ideal for sharing analysis with lenders, investors or partners.

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To access our report, head over to our homepage and click on the "Reports" tab on the top of the page. Then select the report you want to run. You can also click on the titles below and it will take you to their respective page.

If you are purchasing a report without an account, this is the page you will see. This is the page you will see if you are purchasing with an account.

Run Report

To run a report simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Enter your desired address in the "Address" field (this address will act as the center point for your report)

  2. You MUST select from the addresses that populate in the dropdown 

  3. Continue to fill out each field and choose from the dropdown that best fits the parameters you are looking for 

  4. Fill out your credit card information (only applies to users purchasing without an account)

  5. Click Submit and confirm on the next page to finish purchasing the report

  6. You will be able to view the report after you have confirmed your purchase

  7. View report on the confirmation page by clicking on the "View Report" button

Notes: Purchased reports will also be emailed to you with a clickable link.  

For account holders, to view a history of your report purchases. Click on your profile on the top right corner. Once you are in your profile, scroll down to "Purchased Reports" to view your history. 

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