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Setting Your Trade Area
Setting Your Trade Area

Get started with any of these 3 ways to setup your trade area.

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Set up your trade area with any of the 3 options below:

  1. Radius

  2. Polygon tool

  3. Drive time polygon

Radius (Default Method)

Hold shift and click anywhere on the map to drop the radius or simply do an address search on the right hand side of the search page. The radii defaults to 3 mile but you can choose anything between 0 and 10 miles by doing any of the following.

  • Choose from our preset radii in the top right corner (1 mile ,2 mile,3 mile, 4mile, 5mile and 10 mile)

  • Click on any of the 4 white dots to drag the radius in and out to your desired coverage

Polygon Tool (Custom Radius)

Get started by clicking the polygon tool.

  • Draw your desired polygon and click outside the polygon to set the trade area

  • Your trade area is set when the polygon turns blue

  • To delete the polygon, click on the polygon to turn it orange and select the trash bin icon

Drive Time Polygon

Two ways to turn on drive time polygon.

  • Navigate to the settings page and select drive time 

  • Click "d" on your keyboard to toggle drive time on

Once you have turned on drive time, you'll be able to select you desired drive time to populate your trade area. There is a legend on the top left corner for drive time color reference. Select one of the colors to turn the polygon blue.

Note: For a video tutorial, please head on over to this link.

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