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Analyzing the Trade Area
Analyzing the Trade Area

Learn about the different analytics our trade area page has to offer.

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Our Trade Area currently breaks down to these categories:

  • Current Supply

  • Supply Adjusted for Active Pipeline

  • Active Development Pipeline

  • Demographics (US Census)

  • Demographics (ESRI)

Current Supply

Current supply gives an overview of your selected radius. we analyze how many existing facilities are in your trade trade along with the net rentable square footage for climate controlled vs non climate controlled. Using this example here, you can see that there are 19 active facilities in our 3 mile radius. We also calculate the SF/Capita in the trade area by dividing the total net rentable square footage by the population. Those that subscribe to ESRI demographics can view SF/Capita based on ESRI's 5-year population growth estimate.

Toward the bottom we provide information on recent deliveries, which shows you how many facilities have opened in the past 3 years and their percentage of the trade area. Generally speaking it takes a new facility 3 years to fill up their space, so this information can provides a general idea of supply and demand for the area. 

Supply Adjusted for Active Pipeline

This section of the trade area gives you an overview of existing facilities plus projects that are in the planning, permitted, under construction or expansion phase. The calculations assume that all the active pipeline facilities are delivered providing a proxy for what the trade area will look like in the future. 

Active Development Pipeline

Active development pipeline gives a rundown on the different pipeline statuses in your radius. The dots are categorized into 3 colors; sky blue dots are in the planning/permitted phase, light blue dots are in the expansion phase and blue dots are in the under construction phase. In this example, there are 5 development projects in the desired trade area. This section will give you the rentable SF in the Planning/Permitted, Under Construction and expansion phases. 

Demographics (US Census)

The demographic section of the page provides analysis of our demographic metrics at the trade area and the block group level. You can check out this example to see the different types of categories we provide for demographics. This information is pulled from the US Census Bureau using the American Community Survey annual updates. For more information on the source and their data release schedule head over to their website.

Demographics (ESRI)

Our ESRI feature provides demographic data based on the well known third party source. In addition to their estimates for current year demographics they also provide 5-year growth projections on many metrics. To check out our categories for ESRI demographics, click this example here. For more information on ESRI demographics you can head over to their website.

To learn about our methodology for calculating demographics in the trade area, head over to this article.

Notes: The trade area information will update dynamically as you change the trade area. For more information on setting your trade area head over to this article.

Trade area information can look different for credit users as they do not have ESRI demographics. ESRI demographics is made available to our enterprise level users. To learn more about Radius Enterprise reach out to our team by using the chat function in the bottom right corner of your browser. 

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