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View all pricing data visually in chart form.

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Pricing data can be viewed in chart form by clicking on the "Charts" tab. Same as the pricing page, the charts will compare two unit features of your choosing and give you graphic visualization on pricing data.

We provide 3 charts for visualization:

The charts respond to these options here. What you toggle on is what will be displayed in the charts. 

Please note unit dimensions are not dynamic in this page, the units are set to 5x5, 5x10, 10x10, 10x15, 10x20, and 10x30 by default.

Latest Pricing

This chart gives you visual information on current pricing activity in the trade area.

  • Price in green - The lowest price currently advertised

  • Price in red - The highest price currently advertised

  • Price in blue - The average of current prices advertised

  • Price in purple - The current price of the nearest facility to the center point of the trade area

Monthly Pricing

This chart shows you the monthly averages for each size in the trade area which is calculated by averaging each facility's daily pricing and then a simple average of all the facilities. To visualize a single facilities monthly trends simply select the facility on the pricing tab and navigate back to the charting tab.

You can hide and un-hide the unit sizes on the chart by clicking on the color circle icon to the top right side of the chart.

Year Over Year Change (YoY)

The YoY chart analyzes the data in the monthly pricing chart by calculating the percent change from the year prior.

Note: If you see a line break in the charts, it means there was no historical data during that time.

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