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Customize Slack Notification Alerts
Customize Slack Notification Alerts

Only get notifications on new projects that you want to follow.

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Create keywords in your notification settings to get new project alerts that you want to track. To get started:

  1. Click on the bell icon in your slack application. 

  2. Select "Your notification preferences."

  3. Make sure to have "Direct messages, mentions & keyword" selected

  4. Type in keywords you want notifications for in the "My keywords" box

You can customize keywords by Address, City, State or Zip code. Once you type in your desired keywords. You will only receive notification when those keywords come in through the #new-development channel.

Keyword Example:
If you want to get notified on projects only in Miami, you would type in the word "Miami" in your keyword box.

Notes: You can have multiple keywords, just separate them with a "comma (,)" in the keyword box.  

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