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Set Up FTP Server for Windows
Set Up FTP Server for Windows

Connecting to FTP server via windows instructions.

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WinSCP is a free FTP client for Windows. It can be downloaded from here.

After installing and opening the application, follow these steps to create a secure public/private key pair and connect to our server.

  1. Select SFTP in the File protocol dropdown.

  2. Click Generate with the default options.

  3. The key is generated. Copy the public key contents and paste it into an e-mail to us. 

  4. E-mail with your username and public key and we’ll associate it with your account.

  5.  Save the Private key to your hard disk and give it a suitable name. The name is unimportant but choose something related to the Union Realtime SFTP server.

  6. Back at the Login window, click Advance.

  7. Click Authentication on the left hand tree navigation.

  8. Under Private key file, click the ellipsis and select the private key file you just saved.

  9. Click Directories in the left hand tree navigation.

  10. Under Remote directory, enter the name of the folder containing the data you require access to, and click OK.

To access facility pricing data, enter urt-facility-pricing

To access development project data, enter urt-development-projects

If you don’t see the data you originally had access to when using AWS access and secret keys, please reach out to us.

After Folder Access.

  1. At the Login window, enter as the host name.

  2. Under User name, enter the username we provided when we created your account.

  3. Click Save to save the connection for future use.

Once we receive your public key and associate it with your account, you’ll be able to login. 

Click Login to connect.

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