Learn how to create custom portfolios and exclusion sets.

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Our new Locations feature provides users with the ability to search facilities and save them to create your own custom portfolios, exclusion sets, save locations, and share your portfolios.

Address Search

Use the search bar to search for the area of interest that you would like to analyze.


Below are the icons you will find in the Locations page and their meaning.



Go to facility profile page

Generate Compass Report

Generate Competitor Report

Create Alert


Share On/Off

Filter On/Off

Toggle Exclusion Set On/Off


To create a custom portfolio use the search bar to enter the address for your area of interest.

  1. Click on the blue "+" icon to create a new Portfolio.

  2. A pop-up window will appear asking you to name your custom portfolio. Make sure Portfolio is selected as the type in the drop-down menu. Click create.

  3. There are 4 ways you can add facilities to your portfolio;

    1. To add facilities individually, press the "Alt" key on your keyboard and click on the facility dot using your mouse. You will see that the facilities that you have selected are being added to your facility real time.

    2. To add facilities in bulk, you can use the polygon tool on the right-hand side of the map. Click on the polygon tool to start drawing your own custom polygon to add facilities in bulk to your portfolio. Once you're done with your polygon, press Enter on your keyboard and click outside of the polygon. Once the boundaries of your custom polygon has changed from orange to blue, click the "Add Facilities" button on the right panel. You have now added the facilities within your polygon to your portfolio.

    3. You can also add a facility by entering the address of the facility in the search bar. Use the search bar in the "Add Address to Selected Group" to enter the address of the facility you want to add to your portfolio. Click on the Add button to add this facility to your portfolio.

    4. You can also add facilities in bulk using their latitude and longitude. In the text box under the "Import and list of Latitude-Longitude pairs to Selected Group" section, add the latitude and longitude of the facilities you'd like to add to your portfolio (the lat and long separated by a comma and only one pair per line with a max of 100 coordinates). Click on the Submit button to add these facilities to your portfolio.

Saved Locations

You can save an address you searched for in the Saved tab. To save a location, use the search bar to search for the address. Make sure you go to the "Saved" tab and click on the blue "+". The application will add the address as a saved location. Click on the word Untitled to name your saved location and press Enter on your keyboard to save.

Previous Location

The "Previous" tab will save all the previous addresses you have searched for. Go to this tab to view a history of all addresses you have previously searched for. Click on the navigate icon next to the address to go to that address again.


Go the the "Shared" tab to view all portfolios your team has shared with you. Use the filter icon to filter only the facilities in the portfolio or to disable that filter.

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