View pricing and inventory of all the facilities in your selected trade area.

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The new Competitors page is a pricing and inventory analysis tool for the selected trade area. To set your trade area, enter the address of the area you'd like to do your analysis in the Locations and Trade Area tabs. Set your radius on the top right corner of the map.

The following features can be found on the Competitors page;


  • You can download the Compass Report, Competitor Report, and the Pricing export for the selected trade area by clicking on the icons below.



Generate Compass Report

Generate Competitor Report

Generate Pricing Export (Only available for Enterprise users and limited to 30 facilities)


The Rates page will have all the rates that are available in the selected trade area. Click on the downward arrow next to the Unit Size and Features header to apply filters. The rates page will have pricing data scraped in the last 7 days.

  • The summary on the left-hand side will provide an overview of the;

    • Location

    • Trade Area

    • Facility Count

    • Pricing (highest rate, lowest, and average of the trade area)

    • Toggle to view the highest, lowest, and average of the web rate vs in-store rate.

    • Toggle to include or exclude facilities without pricing.

  • Click on the "View Graph" button to view the monthly and YoY data on your selected units.

  • If you have an active exclusion set in the trade area, the exclusion set will be applied on the Competitors page. Click on the Exclusion Set Applied button for a drop-down menu to appear. You can select or de-select facilities in this trade area to add or remove in your exclusion set.


  • The inventory tab shows units that are available or out of stock. You can filter the charts by unit size and features as desired. Click on the Available or Out of Stock bars to view all facilities with the selected status in the trade area.

  • Click on the drop-down menu for features and unit sizes to customize the filters.


  • The trends page will show the pricing for up to 6 unit sizes and 2 features. Click on the Unit Size and Features to customize the filters.

  • The trends page will show the average price, highest price, lowest price, and the price last scraped.

  • Click on the View Graph button to view visual data.

  • On the bottom of the trends page under "Monthly Breakdown," you will see the average for the selected units in the trade area over the last 24 months.

  • Click on a specific facility to see the Monthly Breakdown for that specific facility.

  • If you are an Enterprise user, you can download a CSV of the trends page by clicking on the Generate Pricing Export icon.

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