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Updated Facility Profile Page
Updated Facility Profile Page

Our new facility profile page now offers pricing information for the selected facility.

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Our new facility profile page now offers more features than ever!


Below are the icons you will find on the Facility Profile page and their meanings.



Generate Compass Report

Generate Competitor Report

Generate Pricing Export (Only available for Enterprise users and limited to 30 facilities)


In the Details page, you will find all the relevant facility information such as;

  • Address

  • Date Opened

  • Developer

  • Property Manager

  • Rentable Square Footage

  • Climate Mix

  • Owner Information

  • Contact Information

Click on each field to suggest any edits.


The rates page will have all the currently available and out-of-stock units for the selected facility. The rates page will have pricing data scraped in the last 7 days.

  • The pricing table will show the unit size, features, web price, in-store price, promotions, promotional text, and the date it was last available on the facilities website.

  • You can filter the pricing table by unit size and features by clicking on the down arrow.

  • Click on the "View Graph" button under the Currently Available and Out of Stock price tables for visual data.

  • Click on the "Generate Pricing Export" button to download a CSV file of the facility's daily pricing for the past 24 months. Use the pricing table on the rates page to select your desired unit size and feature combination.


  • Loan Information

  • Sales History

  • Tax Information

  • Relevant Documentations

Click on each field to suggest any edits.

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