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Create a Pricing Alert
Create a Pricing Alert

Learn how to create a pricing alert!

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New feature alert!

Radius+ now has Alerts. You can now create pricing, inventory, or facility alert, see below to learn how to create a pricing alert.

To create an alert, click on the bell icon on the Locations page (click on a portfolio), Facility Profile page, and Competitors page, or click on Alert Manager on your Analysis dashboard.

Pricing Alert:

Pricing alerts are alerts that users can create to track any changes in pricing. The user can choose to track any unit sizes and feature combinations.

To create a pricing alert, click on the bell icon or Alert Manager on the menu. A pop-up window will appear.

Select Your Type

1. Select Pricing as the type of alert you'd like to create.

2. Choose the type of pricing, web or in-store.

3. Choose the type of pricing over the last 7 days; 7-day average, 7-day highest, 7-day lowest, or the latest rate.

4. Choose the type of pricing change; increase by, decreases by, increases or decreases, less than, or greater than.

5. Enter the amount of price change you'd like to be notified of. The amount can be entered in dollars or as a percentage and click continue.

Select Your Market

1. Enter the address you'd like to create an alert for, if you clicked on the bell icon from the Locations, Facility Profile, or Competitors page, the last address you performed your analysis will be prepopulated.

2. Choose your trade area; 1, 3, 5, or 10-mile radius.

3. Choose the facilities you'd like to create the alert for. Click Continue.

Select Your Criteria

1. Select the unit size and features you'd like to create an alert for.

Name and Save

1. Review your alert criteria and name it. Click save to save the alert.

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