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What is a Self-Storage Facility?
What is a Self-Storage Facility?
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Self Storage Facility

The following traits are characteristic of what we define as a self-storage facility.

A self-storage facility must be:

  • Open to the public (private and commercial): a self-storage facility cannot be exclusive to residents.

  • On-site accessibility: customers must have access to their unit during business hours.

  • Personal Lockers: customer must have access to personal lockers, and cannot "warehouse" items.

  • The facility must accept storage of all legal and safe items.

  • Facility does not solely specialize in "item specific" storage. For example, auto, RV, boat, wine, etc.

  • Storage is sold as stand-alone product, not bundled. For example, storage that is a part of an apartment rental contract is not considered self-storage.

  • A storage facility must be located within one of the 574 PSAs in United States and 114 CMAs in Canada, including their sub-categories (see statistical areas glossary).

  • A storage facility must be greater than 5,000 net rentable sqft..

Common storage businesses excluded from our Self-Storage definition:

  • Commercial only facilities

  • Document warehouses. For example, facilities that store documents, legal files, paper products, shredding, etc.

  • Valet service with warehouse storage

  • Storage lockers within residential buildings (only available to residents)

  • Boat, RV, and Auto storage

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