Learn how to use our new filtering tool to get the most out of your analysis!

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The latest Filters tool empowers users to refine their search by utilizing categories like square footage, year opened, and more. This article aims to assist you in navigating this new feature, enabling you to maximize the utility of our data.

Filters Bar

Utilize our updated filters bar to effortlessly configure your radius, choose the unit of measure, and select your preferred Insight mode—all without the need to navigate to settings. Simply click on the "Filters" word to expand the filters bar.

Setting Your Radius

Adjust your radius by selecting from the range of 1 mile to 10 miles—simply click the down arrow adjacent to the number 3.

Insight Modes

The latest Filter tool offers two distinct Insight modes: Highlight mode and Analysis mode.

In Highlight mode, facilities are visually filtered from the map but do not impact the data on the Trade Area and Competitor pages. On the other hand, Analysis mode visually filters out facilities and excludes them from your data.

Filter Current Sites

Square Footage* and Year-Opened Sliders

To apply the square footage and year-opened filters, select the minimum and maximum values by adjusting the circles located at both ends.

Number of Stories and REITs* Sliders

To utilize the number of stories filter, slide to select options ranging from single-only to all, or multistory only. For the REITs filter, slide to choose between non-REITs only, all, or REITs only.

*Please be aware that the square footage and REITs sliders are exclusively accessible for Enterprise customers. For more details on the Enterprise plan, please contact the Radius+ team.*

Filter Development Sites

Utilize the toggles to refine development project visibility, selecting from planning, permitted, expansion, under construction, and not active pipeline statuses.

Apply the expected completion date and expected start dates to filter development projects based on their respective timelines, and select the minimum and maximum values by adjusting the circles located at both ends.

Filter Individual Trade Area Sites

When you are in Analysis mode and set a trade area, the "FIlter Individual Trade Area Sites" section will populate a checklist of all facilities in your trade area. You can use these checkboxes to include and exclude these facilities from your analysis. Additionally, you can search for facilities within your trade area using the search bar at the top of the section.

Manage Saved Filters

Saving Filters

To save your filters, just enter the name in the text bar in the "Manage Saved Filters" section and press ENTER.

Manage Existing Filters

  • To view a previously saved filter, just click on the play button next to the saved filter.

  • To edit an existing filter, just click play on the existing filter and make your changes. The play button will change to a save button.

  • To delete an existing filter, just click on the trash can next to the saved filter.

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