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Getting Started with Radius

These articles will help you get up to speed on the basic functionality.

Trade Area

Set your trade area and see current supply with demographic information.


Analyze your trade area with our comprehensive pricing data with visual charts. View existing loans and sales comp.

Occupancy Network

Select your property management software from the list below for a quick guide join the network!

Radius v5.0

Learn how to navigate through all the changes!

Using Radius Layers

We have a number of layers you can add to the map including, zoning, opportunity zones, demographics and more.


Learn how to create all the different types of alerts and how to manage them!

Radius Reports

Checkout samples, cost and details on how to run reports.

Managing Your Account

Help with profile settings, resetting password and managing billing.

Radius Listings

List your self storage facilities with Radius to get maximum exposure.

Radius Insider

Rate data at your fingertips.

Slack Workspace

Get notifications on new development projects and stay up to date with the latest self storage news.

Data Definitions

Help for all Radius users

Programatic Data Transfer

Setting up Secure FTP


Keystrokes and trouble shooting