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StorEDGE property management software users can use this tutorial to join the occupancy network.

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NOTE BEFORE WATCHING VIDEO: Email address needs to include your company name which is not discussed in video.

Create Limited Access Role

First start by creating a profile for Radius in the PMS. This will be a limited role that will ONLY be able to receive the specific occupancy report. We will have NO access to your PMS platform. 

  • Go to Corporate in top right

  • Navigate to Settings

  • Create a new role by clicking on "Roles"

  • Then click create "New Role"

  • Name the role "Radius"

  • Check off "view corporate reports"

  • Click "Create Role"

Create Limited Access User 

Schedule Occupancy Report

  • Go to "Report" section of corporate area

  • Scheduled reports and create a new one

  • Group Name will be "Radius"

  • Frequency will be "Monthly"

  • Report type is "Consolidated Occupancy" in .CSV format for the full company

  • Check off "All Facilities"

  • Recipient will be based on the role you just created "Occupancy Network"

  • Hit "save"

Address Lookup

The consolidated occupancy report does not contain addresses; therefore, we will need a one time report of your choosing that has facility name and address so that we can match occupancy to the appropriate address.

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