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Pricing Analysis
Pricing Analysis

Quickly identify in depth pricing details in your trade area and analyze historical rental rates with ease.

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To analyze pricing data for your desired trade area, click on the "Pricing" tab on the left hand side. To ensure that you have the most accurate and up to date information, we gather pricing from over 19,000 self storage websites on a daily basis. 

How We Categorize Our Pricing Data

We categorize our pricing data across 40+ feature categories to give you the most detailed view of the data. As long as the detail is on the website, we categorize it.

The pricing page allows you to compare between two feature sets at a time. Users are able to select up to 6 unit dimensions for comparison. To select the unit dimensions and features, head over to the left hand side of the page.

Pricing Analysis Table 

Pricing is displayed on the right hand side. We provide 4 different prices for each of the facilities in your selected trade area. The numbers are based off of either the last 12 months of data or the last month depending on which view you have toggled. For more information on how each number is calculated head over to this article.

  • Average price (1st row Circle Icon) - 12 month average • Last month average

  • Highest price (2nd row Up Arrow Icon) - Highest month • Highest day 

  • Low price (3rd row Down Arrow Icon) - Lowest month • Lowest day 

  • Last price (4th row Equal Icon) - As of last the last 7 days

At the bottom of the pricing chart, you will see "Monthly Breakdown," this section displays the monthly rate averages for the trade area; however, you can look at a specific facilities trends by clicking on their name, which updates the monthly data at the bottom of the page. We recommend analyzing year over year rental rate trends to determine supply / demand balance in the trade area. 

By default we only show facilities with pricing; however, to view all facilities in your trade area sorted by distance from the center select the toggle on the left hand side. Development projects will also be included with their pipeline status underneath their address.

In addition to capturing the web rate, we also track the in-store rate as advertised on the web (also known as the strike through rate or walk in rate). To analyze the in-store rate select the toggle on the left hand side and all the tables will switch. 

Notes: All our pricing data is dynamic, the information will update as you toggle on/off what you want to view.

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