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Occupancy Network Overview
Occupancy Network Overview

Get information on how to join the Radius Occupancy Network and how it functions.

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We track facility level monthly occupancy, programmatically through the operators property management software. It is a great data set for developers, owners and operators to aid in sight selection and revenue management.

To qualify for the network, all you have to do is share your monthly occupancy data into the network programmatically for all of your facilities. The setup takes as little as 3 minutes. In exchange you will be able to see occupancy from participating facilities. 

Operators that don't participate in the network can't view others.

The network is expanding as owners find more value in using the data than they lose in sharing; however, if you feel the need to stop sharing you can easily leave the network at any time.

To get started today, select your property manager/software from the list below.

Current list of supported vendors.

Don’t see your manager/software? No worries, we continue to add support for new vendors. Reach out to a Radius team member to discuss expediting your vendor.

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